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Home - Drywall Repair

Rooster Painting is an excellent choice for drywall repair in Arlington, TX, to complete drywall repairs & drywall finishing by licensed & insured staff. We understand that your home is a place where you spend your precious time with your loved ones. We strive to make this place beautiful and enjoyable. If you are looking for a fresh coat of paint, make sure your walls are in good condition. Rooster Painting can deliver the best drywall repair services in Arlington TX, whether you deal with a dent or full-blown series of holes. Regardless of the type of drywall services you need, we assure you that you will get fast and remarkable results at an affordable price.

Expert Drywall Repair Services In Arlington TX

Rooster Painting has experienced and thoroughly trained professionals that can repair or replace your drywall and finish the surface with any wallpaper covering or paint. We have built our professional reputation by providing exceptional drywall repair services in Arlington TX, Colley Ville, TX, North Richland Hills, TX, and surrounding communities. Rooster Painting is your one-stop solution to meet all your drywall repair needs, from small punch-through holes to hanging new panels.

Repairing damaged drywall can be more complex than its first look unless you hire professional drywall repair services. Cutting an edge and replacing it should be easy, but getting the edges matched up and leaving a good finish may be outside the skill set of nonprofessionals. They take too much time and give you unsatisfactory results.

Drywall damage is a common problem many property owners face, and it is tricky to fix it at home. It requires time and detailed attention. If you ignore it, your property may have an unappealing appearance or worse. Rooster Painting has years of experience providing drywall repair services quickly and efficiently.

Water Damage & Moisture

Usually, it happens due to leaking pipes, and it can weaken your drywall's structural integrity or be a health hazard. If you cannot notice water patches, moisture in ceilings or walls can lead to loosened joint tape and cracks.

Holes Repairing

Structural issues such as cracks and damps can affect the integrity of your property. Leaving the repair for later can increase the damage over time. However, to repair these tiny holes, hire professional and reliable drywall repair services before turning them into significant expenses.

Priming Drywall for Paint

Priming drywall after a repair is a vital step that you can’t ignore. For a natural texture of drywall, painting over the skim coat will not leave an entirely even surface. This process involves sanding down, cleaning, and applying a drywall sealer. Our professionals at Rooster Painting always take care of all these steps for a perfect finish.

Our professional Drywall Repairs team is bonded, licensed and insured and provide you with all types of Drywall Repairs services. Hire professional and dedicated technicians at Rooster Painting to refresh your room whose walls are damaged and tired. Reach us today for a free estimate!

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